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Where did you learn to be you?

The role of “father” and the vital link they play in shaping and developing who we become and how we experience the world is undeniable.

Yet what happens when this crucial aspect of our development is, for whatever reason, absent?

We are born whole and complete, with” integrity” the secret is in knowing what aspects to activate and how to bring them to maturity.

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Happy People

  • “The Perspective I'd Been Looking For All My Life"

    Jack has been a great help to me for years, and I wonder why his work more websites like his aren't available; I had searched and searched for someone that knew and could described exactly what I was experiencing and how to heal from it, and I had all but given up, concluding that such a resource existed or had not been created and that no one else had ever experienced what I have. As "fate" would have it, I would soon stumble across Jack’s unique perspective through BRIDGING THE VOID and my rites of I felt vindicated. I have found other books and sites that have been very helpful for me, but this feels as though it were written specifically for me. And since others have found this website helpful, I realize that I in fact am not alone in what I have experienced.

    Cindy Paul

  • “Jack’s book helped me finally understand why I felt like I did and why my life had followed the path it had. His book made it so clear and easy to understand. Reading Jack’s book and watching his videos made taking control of my life far easier that I could ever have imagined. It was almost as if I had him right next to me helping me each step of the way. Because of Jack’s work, I was no longer falling behind in my life, and was finally able to know the life I have dreamed of.

    Sandy Squire

  • “Jack – you have no idea how much you have helped me and how much pain and frustration you have saved me. The format of your work is the best way to see how the affects of father absence reach us all. Your book made opening up to this hidden aspect of our lives easy. Thank you very much.”

    Candy MacMillan

  • “I would actually like to take the time to thank you. I was very nervous to begin with and must say it was a pleasant surprised to see both your depth of knowledge about father absence and just how much you cared.

    I spent many hours in the member’s site reading and watching videos and was impressed to say the least.

    Thank you again.”

    Jason Costanza

  • “All I Can Say is Wow!

    Thank you so much Jack- my life for decades had been such a rollercoaster, with the highs I had worked so hard to achieve quickly followed by one disaster after another.

    It was literally one step forward two steps back.

    Relationships, health, work, I couldn’t see it at first but when I did it was all the same pattern.

    I started the course and within days start to see changes. I found out why I felt so bad sometimes and why I became angry and frustrated and I start to see why I made the decisions that in hindsight were so destructive.

    And from that point on my life has changed- I found out what I needed – deep down and then everything became easy. I had no need to sabotage my life anymore.”

    Bill Sutton